We meet again!

It's September. Let that one sink in. As a former teacher it's pretty easy for me to get in a "go, go, go" mindset once September 1 hits. I think many of us preconditioned from years of schooling view it as a time to get in gear, get moving, get re-organized and embrace that end of the year hustle.

This post is short and sweet. I want you to write down some goals. Whether they be personal, professional, or fitness/health based, I mean I want you to physically write them down. On a piece of paper. In pen. Do you still own one of those? They're cheap at CVS. Next, write down when you want to achieve them by. Put a literal date next to it and be specific. Lastly I want you to put this paper somewhere you'll see it EVERY day: in your car, on your bathroom mirror, hanging next to your bed, whatever. 

In recent post I made on the gram, I noted that my goals for September included being able to handstand walk for at least 10 seconds, and to sprint EVERY sprint (thanks Durk for bumping my tread up the other day) at Barry's at a 13.5.

Both of these for me are fitness based, but I also have a few personal goals in mind that I'm keeping more private. You don't have to shout from the rooftops what you want to do. But I've learned that when you actually write shit DOWN, look at it every day, and work towards them, you are far more likely to succeed. I've had this board posted in my room for a few years now, and it includes some preettttyyyy lofty goals I've set for myself. I try and update it with new ones every few months. If you zoom a bit you'll see I hundo p DIDN'T backpack thru Europe this month. And that's OK! But I look at it every day before I leave my house and that's what matters. 


I've got a few strategies to employ if you're struggling - but I've also found that having my Passion Planner helped me SO MUCH with organization and mapping out my weeks/months. I am extremely disorganized. (@mom, who'd ever think I would admit that!) I'm one of those people who learns better when they actually physically write shit down. This is also not sponsored by Passion Planner. But also if anyone knows anybody at Passion Planner.....likeeeee holllllerrrrrr.

If you have a goal you're struggling with, or how to write them down, how to get where you're going...whatever. Comment below on what you want to work on this week...this month...for the rest of the year. Let's get better together, hm?



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