Self-Worth and Self Work, Mental Health, and Owning Your Inner Badass: Episode 22 with Angela Gentile of Sweat Remix and T.E.A.C.H Fitness


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Happy Saturday, squad! This episode is a combination of so many important and amazing topics: starting your own business, mental health, education, why loss is the biggest teacher, self worth and self work, limiting beliefs and how to rid yourself of them, fitness, grief, joy + finding yourself through chaos. Angela Gentile is not only a business owner, former educator, and all around boss human; she is also a huge believer in putting in the work on your mental health and we knew we had to talk with her for #MentalHealthAwareness Week / Month. Tune in to hear her story of how she made it through the flames and created her own class called Sweat Remix — a place to ZEN, RAGE + HEAL. This is not an episode to miss.

In this episode, we dive into…

  • Why death is the biggest teacher

  • Angela’s background in education and how being an educator changed her + her outlook on life

  • Starting your own business and the barriers to success

  • The state of educators and education today and why Angela left teaching to work for herself

  • Normalizing being sad

  • Self worth vs. self work

  • Getting rid of black and white language and either/or…turning it into an AND

  • Feeling valuable and placing value on yourself in the workplace and in your relationships 

  • Why physical vulnerability is much easier than emotional vulnerability and how to channel that into a space to grow

  • Where you can SWEAT REMIX and train with Angela in Boston!

…and so much more!


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