Goal Setting 101 and the Art of Arriving: SPECIAL EDITION Episode 23 with Kara

GOAL SETTING 101 + The Art of Arriving


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You are enough. This week we break down goal setting for you guys and steps you can take to write down what you want + go after it. Hint — you might even get to do this in REAL LIFE (WHAT) with us soon! We’d love to see some of these goals IN THE WILD! Imagine?! Kara also chats about the art of arriving and how to maximize the present moment with gratitude and joy.

We dive into…

-The three separate categories to separate your goals into and how to do so

-Why physically writing a goal down is both scary as hell and LIBERATING…and why it works!

-How to set up your goal lists to be specific and measurable

-Why Kara hangs her goals by her door and why she thinks you should, too!

-The mantra Kara’s been living by and why it’s relevant to goal setting

-Arriving and creating space in your life for gratitude

-A mini-hint at our latest event we’re planning and how we can link up in real life!

…and so much more!





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