Nutrition To Live By: Episode 19 with Kelli Fierras of Get Well With Kel + Everybody Fights


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Happy October! We’re back this week with another amazing nutrition and wellness professional based here in Boston to give us even more insight into the wellness and nutrition industry and how we think about food. Kelli Fierras is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Get Well With Kel — her mantra? Nutrition to live by. She’s a passionate fitness advocate who knew from an early age that she wanted to devote her life to health and wellness. Kelli believes in a non-judgmental and understanding approach and creates a collaborative relationship with her clients that she believes provides them the tools needed to reach all of their health and fitness goals. Her upbeat personality and attention to detail SCREAM in this episode, she was so legit — she clearly knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to speak her truth.

In this episode, we dive into…

  • Kelli’s mindset around creating a nutrition plan that works for your life, not just in the short term

  • What motivates Kelli and why she got into full-time fitness

  • The meeting and mentor that changed Kelli’s life and how she made the leap into full-time with her business

  • The breakdown of fad diets and why they don’t work long-term

  • Kelli’s experience in training athletes, runners, boxers, moms and how she develops programs to maximize success for each of them individually

  • A breakdown of her career as a collegiate athlete and how that shaped her relationship with food

  • Why she’ll never give up pizza and wine on Friday nights and why ketchups the BEST #preach

…and so much more!


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Kara Lennon