Building a Genuine Following, Staying True To Your Values and Sweating Responsibly: Episode 21 with Elizabeth and Dale of Sweats + The City


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Sweat responsibly. This week we’ve got two hot tickets from NYC on the line and we’re so excited! The ultimate #girlcrushes Elizabeth and Dale chat about leaving their full-time jobs to fully commit to their joint business venture…an Instagram account (and now, LLC!) by the name of Sweats And The City. “Sweats” as they fondly refer to it — has caught on for their candid and honest reviews of boutique fitness studios and instructors in New York City. They’ve got over 60,000 Instagram followers, have hosted sponsored fitness events throughout NYC, and now both have made it their full-time jobs. Talk about impressive. We caught up with these two in the midst of sweats, green juices, and pilates classes…and they give us all the details on how they’re essentially making the rules up as they go, working their asses off, and getting pretty lucky in the process.

In this episode, we dive into…

-How Elizabeth and Dale met by chance and became unlikely business partners

-Forging the space for creating your business through Instagram

-Why they love boutique fitness and a few other surprising opinions on the fitness culture in 2018

-How to get told “no” and also say “no” when a situation or business deal doesn’t serve you

-How you can build a genuine online following and monetize it

-Why their feed is now including more about their personal lives and why getting vulnerable has benefitted them in the long run

-How they built their business from scratch and quit their full time jobs to do Sweats + The City full time…with almost no safety net

-The details behind how brand and studio partnerships work and how they get paid to work out!

-How they handle giving a negative review to a studio or instructor

-Their love for Pilates style workouts and the go-to studios and instructors to hit up while in NYC

-How to give value to your product / feed and engage with your followers in genuine way to build trust and your reputation, including their three tips to doing so through social media

-How they’re impacting their community OUTSIDE of Instagram

-The exciting partnerships they have in the works and more to come from them this holiday season
…and so much more!


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Kara Lennon