Clean Living Inside and Out, "No" as a way to a big "Yes" + Life Is Nuts: Episode 25 with Caroline Huffstetler Olsen, Founder of Nutty Life


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Happy Friday, squad. Coming in hot to this weekend with sweets and (dairy free) treats! We catch up with Caroline of Nutty Life + it’s a gooooood one. From start-up life, driving around her product in a van, to a near death experience that woke her up — Caroline discloses her journey with this UNBELIEVABLE + YUMMY AF product and how she got to where she is today. As of next week, they’re launching FREE SHIPPING in 24 states across the country!

In this episode, we dive into…

  • Caroline’s background in finance and why she started making her own non-dairy alternatives for milk

  • Expectation mindset vs reality

  • Why millennials spend money differently than older generations and why it’s important to know your consumer

  • How Caroline says you can start your own food business for less than $5,000

  • The different recipes Caroline tried out and why she landed on cashew milk

  • The freak accident that inspired her to leave her job eventually and launch a kickstarter

  • Explaining the food business industry and how competitive it is to get your product on shelves

  • How the mental practice of yoga has made its way into her business

  • Why food is so communal and how to turn that feeling into a legitimate business

  • How farming season can affect her products and how she has to adjust based on bad or good harvests

  • Advice for you in starting your own business and the power of NO

…and so much more!

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Use code “COMINGINHOT” for 20% off

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Recipe using nutty life cashew milk!

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