The Importance of Being Authentic AF: Episode 1 with MOOCH Muccio

We want what this girl’s got. This week, we talk with Boston fitness professional and overall BAMF / boss Christina Muccio…most fondly known as MOOCH. Mooch made the huge jump (literally and figuratively, she moved across the country!) to full-time fitness from her lucrative sales career sparked by the courage and bravery of her Dad’s battle with ALS. Talk about an inspiration: this girl has run multiple marathons and completed multiple 200+ mile bike races all while raising money for ALS research.

In addition to talking about her mission with ALSTDI, in this episode, we get real about:

-Mooch’s journey to becoming one of the top trainers in the Boston fitness scene
-WHAT Mooch eats to get those abs of steel #goals
-Why she never talks to her Instagram story
-A surprise new venture for her and her business partner
-Debunking the “fitness advice” myths
-A discussion of social media and the role it plays in her life and career
-Bubba. If you don’t know…you will soon.

Mooch is real, raw, and surprisingly candid in this “Serial-style” interview via phone call…we could not be more grateful for her support, so make sure you listen until the end where she asks for your help!

Connect with Mooch:
IG: @cmooch
FB: @cmucciofitness
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Stay Gold


Kara Lennon