The Hype is Real: Episode 2 with Chris Capozzi

Talk about energy. This week, we talk (and laugh, a LOT) with one of the co-leaders of November Project Boston - Chris Capozzi. Amongst several other titles, Chris is a true leader and trailblazer in Boston in many different circles. Always on the go, always rocking a dope hat, and most likely on his bike - Chris bounces (literally) from leading fitness groups, to managing a retail store, organizing large scale fitness events, and somehow this dude finds time to get his own workouts in AND have a super active social life. Uh, what?

We talk and laugh about his ever-changing life and...
-What he does (or doesn't do) to stay organized
-Why he hates the word "community"
-His transformation from a junk food loving inactive kid to an ultra marathoner and vegetarian
-3 things he never leaves the house without
-Chris' quest to know almost everyone in Boston and how he's going to accomplish it
-What to expect out of this powerhouse in 2018 and beyond

Chris is hilarious and above all else ALWAYS keeps it real. His life journey is both unconventional and inspiring and we know that you'll want to be this dude's best friend by the end of the show. A lot of this conversation surprised us - and we cannot wait to see where Capoze ends up next. 

Connect with Chris:
IG: @_n_dukes
Get tickets to his event on June 16:
#JustShowUp every M/W/F @novemberprojectbos

Kara Lennon