Live Your "Joyful, Loving, Fearless" Life: Episode 4 with Maddy Ciccone

"You don’t think about the challenge before you - you keep your eyes above the waves."


Woah. This week we talking surfing lessons — I mean, life etc. with SoulCycle instructor and social media boss Maddy Ciccone. Better known as MaddzTaddz to her loyal followers, this girl seriously knows how to command a group of humans. She’s built a tribe in Boston of followers, riders, friends, and colleagues alike from the ground up after leaving her life in LA to pursue her career as an instructor full-time. From getting cut from making the Patriots Cheerleading squad to her public day-to-day life on Instagram, Maddy guides us through her journey to her current IDGAF attitude and why it’s so important to her. Besides talking about her love of Dunkin’ Donuts Breakfast Wake Up Wraps (not sponsored, but still very relevant)…we chat:

-Why her current injury is changing her life

-The surprising source of inspiration she uses when she feels overwhelmed

-Maddy’s transition from college working girl, to jobless and semi-lost in California, to extremely successful instructor

-The three words that changed her life

-What she leaves OFF her Instagram story and why

-The currency that’s most valuable to her

-Hitting rock bottom and how it’s changed her perspective on her attitude


Maddy is a positive and powerful force to be reckoned with and whether or not you vibe with her energy — you’ll definitely hear what she has to say. Joyful, loving, fearless…this girl’s definitely not afraid to be coming in HOT!


Connect with Maddy:

IG: @maddztaddz


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Stay Gold,


Kara Lennon