What wellness truly is, the daily grind, and creating a successful business before you turn 30: Episode 5 with VitalFit Nutrition owners Cam and Alfred



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As seen in Forbes, BostInno, Social Lifestyle Magazine, The Improper Bostonian and the Boston Business Journal - I bring to you this week the two dudes behind the powerhouse recovery company that is VitalFit Nutrition. Cam and Alfred are two seriously down to Earth dudes who founded VitalFit after completing grad school at Babson College — and I think you’ll be surprised at how they actually came up with their first product. From plant based protein, to fish oil, tart cherry recovery capsules and beyond, VitalFit’s products are at the cutting edge in plant-based recovery. They divulge on everything from their guilty pleasures,(hint: it’s fishtanks — I know, weird) how to manifest your goals and actually turn them into successful ideas and much more, including…

-How their college project turned into a successful company
-The model they use to bring ideas to life
-The GRIND and why it’s important to do the groundwork yourself
-What they do to destress
-Dropping some SERIOUS knowledge on the supplement industry
-The surprising event that sparked the idea behind their first product
-A full explaination about their line of wellness products
-Influencer marketing and their unique take on it
-Starting a company from the ground up as young entrepreneurs — well under 30!
-Calling out the BSers (I couldn’t believe what they said, either!)
-What’s next for VitalFit Nutrition and the exciting new collabs they’ve got coming up
(We also have an in depth convo about the Food Network for easily 5 full minutes, so that’s something to listen for)


Cam and Alfred
IG: @vitalfit_nutrition
FB: VitalFit Nutrition

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Stay Gold guys,

Kara Lennon