Firing On All Cylinders: Episode 6 with Prezence Founder, #GirlBoss and Yogi Colleen Hayes


Firing On All Cylinders: Episode 6 with Prezence Founder, #GirlBoss and Yogi Colleen Hayes

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Colleen Hayes, female entrepreneur, girlboss, yogi, connector, saleswoman and boxing instructor brings to us this week the REALEST of the real talks on mental health and life that we’ve had on here so far. This week, Colleen talks candidly about her journey through love and loss…and how to stay afloat through it all. Colleen is CEO and founder of a new mindfulness app called Prezence, a yoga teacher and boxing instructor at Everybody Fights but above all else, just a normal human trying to navigate this game we call life. She chats through her transition from her crazy college days to managing Formula One race day events, her almost career as a news anchor and how she ended up leaving corporate life altogether to travel the world for 6 months. Fresh off her trip, Colleen brings an energy to this interview that you just need to hear to believe. She shares…

-Her tips for waking up successfully each morning and how to maximize your time at night #youneedthis
-Navigating through the corporate world post-college
-Colleen's tips and tricks on how to stay organized (this is GOLD!)
-Finding fitness to navigate through loss
-The WHY behind her work and what motivates her every day
-Colleen's F*CK IT moment that led her to quit her job
-Budgeting tips and hacks on how to travel the world for 6 months...with no job!
-The two things that are most important to maximize your time in life

and soooo, so much more. The importance of this talk goes beyond just quitting your job and finding your's about mental health, coping with loss, finding your passion and turning your life into something extraordinary.


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