Movement Guru and Miniature Powerhouse: Episode 3 with Kara Duval



This girl is on fiiiiiiiire. Three words: Kara. Duval. Pilates. This week we have a thorough and somewhat controversial chat with Pilates and movement guru Kara Duval. Kara is a Pilates and Barre instructor in Boston at multiple fitness studios and sees upwards of 10 to 20 private clients per week.  Besides being insanely passionate, Kara truly talks the talk AND walks the walk. She calls herself the biggest advocate for the “everyday human” - preaching work/life balance, low-impact movement, wine nightly, and how she accomplishes working in the fitness industry while having a 2 day weekend.  At 26 years young, her work ethic and drive is nothing short of impressive and she’s cultivated a community of students in Boston and beyond that believes in #PilatesForThePeople. This week we chat with her about…

-Why Pilates isn’t “cool” 

-Her method to her madness and how it sells out almost 14 group fitness classes per week

-Her controversial view on the fitness industry and a whole

-Kara’s background as a classically trained dancer and how that still plays a role in her life today

-Why she quit her sales job in Texas and took weekend trips Canada to study with the Pilates masters

-The REAL reason behind all those Instagram posts

-What lights her fire and keeps her motivated

-Exciting news about whats coming for her later in 2018!


Always keeping it real, always pushing the envelope, and definitely not afraid to call you out on your BS. Kara’s voice and message is educated, precise and a breath of fresh air in the fitness space right now and we can’t wait to see where life takes her next!


Connect with Kara:

IG: @KaraDuvalPilates / #PilatesForThePeople

Kara Lennon