The Art of Saying YES: Episode 8 with Izzy VanHall of Paint Your Practice


"It's quite possible things will turn out far better than you imagine."


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SAY listening to this 5 star MOVIE of an episode. This week Izzy VanHall blows our minds and brings peace to our hearts through her story of art, travel, finding her bliss, yoga, saying YES, living in her truth and how she's found balance in the grind in episode 8 of Coming In Hot!


Artist and RYT200 Izzy has several accolades among which include teaching yoga to thousands of students over her almost 10 year career, being a registered Thai massage practitioner, and creating art which is displayed in yoga studios around the globe. This episode outlines...

-Izzy's journey around the globe (literally)
-The decision she made at 16 years old that changed the direction of her life
-How she found yoga and her journey to eventually leading teacher trainings
-Izzy's love of yoga and art and how she's married the two in her newest business venture
-Information on her two retreats coming up in the next year
-Keeping it real, why hanging out alone is so important to her, and the words she lives by
-How to stay grounded through life's transitions while still prioritizing your passions

REAL / RAW / and REALLY DOPE - this girl is on fire and we're here to fan her flames.

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Stay Gold,

Kara Lennon