Credibility, Authenticity, and Finding Your Tribe: Episode 9 with NYC Fitness Rebel + Guru Gerren Liles

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Authentic. Heart. Soul. Credible. And DEDICATED. This week we present to you NYC fitness guru and entrepreneur Gerren Liles. Gerren is a ReebokOne Elite Ambassador and has spent years building his personal brand and grinding it out in New York City - from private training celebrity clients, to starting his own apparel line, to becoming a Master Instructor at Equinox and creating his own classes, Gerren seemingly never stops. After a health scare that snapped him back into reality, Gerren left his teaching career, turned his life around and took his teaching skillset to a new avenue: full-time fitness. Gerren walks us through what it’s like to live and work in NYC, how you stand out in the city that never sleeps, what his mantras are, and so much more.

We dive into…

-Gerren’s special secret that keeps him in tune with almost everyone he comes in contact with

-Advice on how to jumpstart your fitness career

-The health scare that catapulted his obsession with wellness

-His career path with one of the most successful gyms in the world and why it has set him up for success in the long run

-Gerren’s training style and philosophy on why he sometimes turns away clients (wait, what?)

-The number one piece of advice he has and why its applicable to EVERYONE even outside of fitness

-Where to find him in NYC and how you can train with him even if you’re not in New York!




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Kara Lennon