Daring To Be Visible: Episode 10 with Motivational Speaker + Actor Brennan Srisirikul


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“I’m here. And I matter.”


Actor, singer, author, motivational speaker, activist, athlete, force of nature and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy from birth….this week we present to you Brennan Srisirikul. Brennan is changing the way the world looks at people with disabilities through his diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. A sought after voice in this space, he recently spoke at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity in Honolulu, Hawaii. Some may consider Brennan to be handicapped however, he says that he considers himself to be handi-capable.  Brennan also considers himself differently-abled rather than disabled. A Rhode Island College grad and Barry’s Bootcamp addict, Brennan is truly redefining what it means to LIVE….regardless of your circumstances.


This week, Brennan speaks about…

-Being born in Thailand the size of a tissue box (seriously!)

-How he went from being given a 10% chance of living to taking Barry’s Bootcamp multiple times per week

-His journey through being diagnosed with Cerebral palsy from birth

-Brennan’s struggles growing up and coming to terms with his true identity

-How his own mother helped fund / create the first ever handicapped accessible playground

-Finding purpose through passion and visibility

-Finding acting at the age of 8 and the show that changed his life

-A few controversial and surprising facts about friendships within his community

-The acronym he uses in motivational speaking and why it’s changing lives around the country

-Whats next for Brennan and his ask for help with his most recent project

-How to contact / book Brennan to speak at your next work or school engagement!








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Kara Lennon