A Champion's Mindset: Episode 11 with American Professional Squash Player Amanda Sobhy

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Her sister and her have been called the “Venus and Serena of Squash” and she currently sits at #18 in the world rankings….this week we sit down with American Professional Squash Player, Amanda Sobhy. From finding the sport at a young age, to being the first American EVER to win a national title, Amanda walks us through her journey into becoming a professional athlete and it’s sure been a JOURNEY. Amanda dealt with pressures to perform, overbearing coaches, and injuries along the way and has still found a way to love what she does. We dive into the inner workings of the mental toll it’s had on her and the work she’s done to solidify her champion’s mindset, even when she wasn’t a champion.


We chat….

-An intro to squash (!!!) for those of us that don’t know the sport well and why it’s not huge in the US

-Feeling like a bit of a black swan since a young age and the effects it’s had on her mental game as well as her physical game

-Amanda’s struggle between her and her dad throughout her life and why it’s played a huge role in who she is today

-The life-changing moment that almost brought her career to a halt

-Growing up with the pressure to perform as one of the world’s top squash players

-Getting recruited by an Ivy League school and the pressure to perform as the top player on her team

-Recovering from setback and injury….twice.

-Advice for younger athletes on how to stay mentally strong and motivated

-Info on her next match as she makes her comeback to the sport!







Donate to her Summer Challenge Match — a charity event benefitting the Squash Education Alliance, a program that is making squash more accessible and giving first-generation students the chance to get on the college track, HERE!

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Kara Lennon