The Wellness Stars are Aligning: Episode 16 with Julie Starr of Starr Life Nutrition



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This week all our wellness stars are aligning. It’s September and most of us are ready to press the reset button on our wellness, fitness, and nutrition routines. In walks this week’s guest. Julie Starr is a fitness professional, small business owner, nutritionist, yoga teacher, barre instructor, and wellness advocate who’s coming in HOT this week with some fresh takes on nutrition! Julie has been in the nutrition space for over 12 years and works in the private sector running her own practice. Surprisingly, Julie’s first dreams in the wellness industry were a SUPER nontraditional track….via midwifery and being a doula! She’s delivered countless babies and assisted women through childbirth and what comes after. She now owns Starr Life Studios, a yoga and barre studio in Roslindale, MA and leads trainings and retreats both locally and internationally.

Julie chats about….
- Her philosophy on nutrition and supplements

  • Why drinking green juice MAY be worth the hype

  • The other steps she urges her clients to take in order to be successful with their diet

  • How she got her start in the wellness space in Western Massachusetts as a dreadlock-sporting hippie (no joke, we saw pics) 

  • Her new line of products that will support your health journey and everyday life

  • The frustrating space the nutrition industry and nutrition professionals are in right now — and why she almost quit!

  • Why food memories and associations are some of the strongest memories

  • The invaluable resource she uses to eat fresh daily

  • Her experience in working with law firms and hedge funds on heart health and healthy eating, and working at community health center in pediatric health

  • The shocking story that changed her view on what populations need nutrition advice the most

…and so much more!


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