Taking Messy Action, Wrecking The Rut and Trusting Your Gut: Episode 17 with Christina Muccio and Melissa Dlugolecki of MOVE. with Mooch and Mel



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Lets move! This week Kara catches up with an alum guest and her business partner about the company they started that’s changing women’s lives and empowering them to trust their guts. (Literally.) Christina Muccio and Melissa Dlugolecki are the minds behind MOVE. With Mooch and Mel, a business designed to help empower humans to treat, test, and trust their guts. With programs encompassing nutrition, education, movement and community, these two women are helping others change their lives in as little as 10 weeks. Their current program enrolls over 40 women and is sold out, but their website holds so much free content and an e-book on gut health for just $4.99! We love a good deal. They kick off our FOOD centered month by chatting with us about how their business started, why it’s important to trust your gut, their philosophy around nutrition and eating and how they’ve overcome massive loss and through that work, have manifested success in their lives.

We chat about…

  • How Mooch and Mel met and “built their business on puke”

  • How a massive personal loss empowered Mel to change her life and treat her gut

  • Their philosophy on movement

  • How their programs are designed and why they DON’T count calories or macros

  • A few common misconceptions around traditional dieting and weight loss

  • Their current baseline 10-week program, Steady MOVE.ment and all it includes

  • What’s coming next from MOVE. (dudes, mommas, fams….they’re coming for ya!)

…and so much more!



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