Coming In Hot: Special SOLO Episode 18 with Kara



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You asked, we listened. This week is a special edition solo episode with Kara and it’s the most vulnerable we’ve been yet. Kara goes into the story of her journey up until this point and why she felt compelled to start the podcast and share these stories with the world. The pillars of Coming In Hot are empowerment, entrepreneurship, connection, storytelling and wellness — and this episode touches on all of those. We hope that Kara’s story and the stories of our guests will accelerate you towards your best life and empower you to take action to make that happen.

Kara talks about…

-Her journey through health and wellness

-The 1 million jobs she’s had and how each has contributed to where she is now

-Why it’s so important to write things down

-What compelled her to quit her job and pursue fitness full-time

-The steps she recommends for taking big action in your life

-Why she loves guacamole so much…..just kidding. Guacamole is universal.

-The rock bottom point Kara hit and how it completely changed her life

-Kara’s BIG DREAM for Coming In Hot and the community that surrounds it

…and so much more


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Kara Lennon