Community, Connection, Sweaty Hugs and the Free Fitness #WorldTakeover: Episode 16 with November Project Co-Founder Bojan Mandaric



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Happy Labor Day, world! We’re COMING IN HOT to September + fall with a powerful month of guests and connection. This week we’ve got Mr. Bojan Mandaric — approximately half of the duo that started November Project, the free fitness movement that’s taking over the world. Bojan grew up in Novi Sad, Serbia, and is a former rower on the Yugoslavian National Team and at Northeastern University. He now works full-time as a strategist at November Project. Talk about a FORCE. This dude is legit. 

Bojan and Brogan Graham (the other half of the duo) met in college and started working out together in November 2011 as a way to stay in shape and hold each other accountable. Since that original promise, the group has grown to hundreds of members and 49 tribes who exercise multiple times a week in a number of cities around the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe. November Project is also now a non-profit and responsible for hugs, happiness, community, neon clothing and debauchery in cities all around the world. Bojan gives us his take on how they got to where they are today, what’s next for NP, and how he made his “hobby” his full time job.


We chat about….

  • How November Project started as a promise between two friends after graduating college
  • Why November Project will always be free
  • How NP spread to different cities….by accident
  • The logistics behind running 49 different tribes around the world
  • The moment that Bojan knew he had to quit his job and turn the free fitness movement into his full time job
  • How Bojan + Brogan assume different roles in running the November Project empire and the surprising fact about their friendship
  • Why you should #JustShowUp and join the movement in a city near you
  • How you can pledge to become the next NP tribe!

…and so much more.



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Most importantly….#JustShowUp


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