Reebok Women, Summer 2017

Reebok Women, Summer 2017


Hi. I'm Kara. And I'm coming in hot.

My BS in is Exercise and Health Science with a Minor in Nutrition. After college I spent a few years personal training in a traditional gym setting which, albeit taught me loads of knowledge, I hated. My next move to education was something I'd always kept on the back burner and knew I'd be good at. And I was. I loved it. I spent a few years as a high school + eventually an elementary physical education teacher. I loved every second of it, but teaching literally takes everything from you. Your energy, time, money, resources...will to live, you get it. During this time I'd been teaching at a spin studio on nights and weekends as well as working at lululemon. I knew I wanted to be in the fitness industry full-time but I didn't know how to make it a reality. It wasn't until I sat down with a mentor and good friend, and she asked me "What do YOU want? Your decisions are YOURS. You don't have to live your life for anyone except YOU." Lightbulb. Besides unlimited guacamole for the rest of my life, I wanted to make fitness my full-time job.

So what did I do? Said "Sorry, Mom!," left teaching, cried about it, started working full-time at lululemon, left 3 months later, and now I live the hashtag super blessed life of a full-time fitness instructor in Boston. With the launch of the podcast in April 2018, this leaves me with a lotta time to talk and sweat!

You can sweat with me at B/SPOKE Studios in Downtown Boston, Wellesley, and Cape Cod.

So when life hands you lemons?

Just say f*ck the lemons and bail. #NameThatMovie

Stay Gold,